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Meet Alan, CYM's Greatest Supporter!

Alan Egan taking in the spectacle of the 2018 Haddington tour, with team manager James Harding.

The sidelines of a CYM game would not be the same without Alan Egan.

Regardless if it's the Division 1 Women playing or the Division 11 Men, Alan can be found cheering on CYM, running the flag down the pitch, and providing his undying support for the men and women in purple in green, regardless of the final score.

He's the only man (known) in CYM history to have received a Red Card ... while standing on the sidelines. A passionate supporter through and through, he's always on CYM's side.

Alan and his family are a huge part of CYM's legacy, and we are grateful for all of the support he continues to give the club.

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