CYM Women's Team

Rachel Horan

Captain: 2018/2019

From: Offaly

Position: Number 8

Fun Fact: Hailing from Banagher in the land of the BIFFOS, Rachel's fun fact is that in her spare time she acts as Amy Farrah Fowler's Stunt Double in 'The Big Bang Theory'. Rachel got her first cap for Leinster during the 2017/2018 season, she can now be seen rocking up to training each Monday and Wednesday donning head to toe Leinster kit freebies! Representin'

Lucy Barry

From: Cork

Position: Flanker

Fun Fact: Holds the record for the most yellow cards received in a season. Lucy was the inspiration behind the original emoji girl. Lucy "Queen of the Tap & Go" Barry is the chosen one to Captain and lead the gals into Division 1 this season.

Monica Beresford

From: Waterford

Position: Second Row

Fun Fact: Loving Mother to Archie. One half of Jonica. Top quality marketing skills. Parking skills however, leave a lot to be desired.

Jackie " Mayo 4 Sam" Flatley

From: Mayo
Position: Scrum Half
Fun Fact: Jackie is a die hard Mayo Supporter and attends nearly every game. As well as holding down a full time job, Jackie also fights crime in the greater Dublin 3 area. Known to be a regular informant to Gardai.

Aisling Doherty

From: Leitrim

Position: Second Row

Fun Fact: Fitness is always to the forefront of Aisling's mind. So much so that she can often be found sprinting home after a night out on the town.

Aisling "Psyched" Doherty

Carla Dalton

From: Dublin

Position: Hooker

Fun Fact: Carla is the incredibly proud owner of 3 bogs. She also holds an All Ireland 'Turf Footing' medal from Mosney in 2001. She has a tendency to forget to wear her glasses leading to her mistaking waving at stationary inanimate objects while out and about on the mean street of Killiney.

Susan ‘Suzie’ Glynn

From: Clare

Position: Front Row, 12, Wing, 10, Second Row. Wherever she wants really.

Fun Fact: Suzie is known for her versatility on the pitch. Covering almost all positions last year- in one game. Favourite vegetable is lettuce as reflected in photo.

Famous Suzisms-

"Nope", "No", "If anyone touches my feet I'll kick them in the face"

Ashley Harmon

From: Germany, USA, Ireland. (Insert Globe Emoji here)

Position: Prop

Fun Fact: Over the course of her time with CY Ashley has gained two affectionate nicknames - Smashly on the pitch. Trashly off the pitch. No explanations needed.

Diane McIlhagga

From: Dublin

Position: 13, 10, All around versatile back

Fun Fact: Kube Champion 2k16

Diane is an ambassador for Prosecco Ireland and is available for hosting events e.g. Communions, Confirmations, Birthdays.

Diane hails from the dreaded 'North Side' but along with the few other Dublin reared teammates she is being educated on life and people outside of the Pale.

Brenda Healy

From: Mayo

Position: Full Back

Fun Fact: Brenda 'Bone Crusher' Healy is another member of the Mayo 4 Sam contingent. Brenda once took Bear Grylls to Achill and showed him how to survive on 4 cans of Boost and some cigarettes. Brenda is currently the bench press Queen of the gym, she attributes this to the Boost.

Regina Lennon

From: Longford

Position: Center/Winger/Team Medic

Fun Fact: Regina has won the award this year for the most injury prone/unlucky member of the squad. Regina entered CYM with a bang...literally. She broke Monica's nose in her very first game.

Regina is known around the world for her photo collages. Contact for details.

Catriona "Cats" Gallagher

From: The Wee Hills of Donegal
Position: Front Row
Fun Fact: Affectionately known as 'Granny'. Cats is quite the Benjamin Button of the team, she is getting stronger and quicker with age - an inspiration to us all. Recent reports have emerged that moves have been made from the CYM Bowls club to poach Cats, however, that won't be happening anytime soon!

Eibhlin Greaney

From: Galway

Position: Prop

Fun Fact: Eibhlin is a bog snorkeller by trade. She is absolutely buzzing for winter season so the pitches will resemble her beloved bogs. To unwind, Eibhlin is partial to a G&T...or 10!

Caoimhe Brady

From: Cavan

Position: Wing, Center

Fun Fact: A proud Cavan native, Caoimhe spends her time off the pitch performing in the Bord Gáis Theatre. From Annie to Thumbelina to Sandy in Grease, Caoimhe has done it all. Head down to the showing of Pocahontas next month where Caoimhe will play the background wind in the opening scenes!

Eilis O'Reilly

From: Ranafast, Donegal

Position: 8... or Winger

Fun Fact: It's a CYM superstition that we must always have at least one Donegal player on our team, and Eilis fills this important role for the Div 1 s! With a voice that carries all the way back to her parish, Eilis is known for yelling at the squad ... in Irish ... 

Evelyn Clinton

From: United States of America

Position: Scrum Half, Center

Fun Fact: Evelyn has recently returned from 'Merica after a campaign working alongside her Auntie Hillary on the "Anybody but Trump" mission (turns out the campaign wasn't so successful!). Evelyn has promised us Hillary as a guest speaker for the CYM Presidential Dinner in May. Get your tickets now!

Promise ' Candid' Chapwanya

From: Laois

Position: Centre, Flanker

Fun Fact: Promise is quite the gentle soul off the rugby pitch. However, on the pitch, she is a rampaging bull who will go through anything and anyone to get the desired result! She holds a diploma in Handoff's from 'Sexton's School of Handoffs'.

Promise is currently traveling to Canada on a goodwill mission, teaching polite Canadians how to drop opponents to the floor with an open hand to the chest.

Joanna Walsh

From: Offaly

Position: Flanker

Fun Fact: Joanna has been drafted in to bulk up our Offaly contingent (a ploy many believe to be the work of Rachel Horan and Niall Neville, our original BIFFO's.) Joanna has just finished a stint in the Gaiety Panto where , as you can see, she played the role of Snow White. She will be returning to the stage in spring where she will play the role of a cat in 'Cats'. Best of luck Jo.

Lisa Brett

From: Mayo

Position: Winger

Fun Fact: As you can see from Lisa's picture, she is a campaigner for World Peace. Lisa also has a passion for laminating. In her spare time Lisa travels the country giving laminating tutorials to schools and businesses. Such is her fame she is known on the circuit as Lisa ' The Laminator' Brett. We wish Lisa all the best in the upcoming Laminating World Championships in Djibouti.

Lucile Challet

From: France

Position: Winger

Fun Fact: One of the newest additions to CY this season, Lucille loves baguettes, garlic, snails and all things French… especially the men. Lucky for her, CYM has one of Dublin's finest Frenchmen on the lads team. Allez les Bleus!

Clio Maicas Palacios

From: Spain

Position: Flanker

Fun Fact: Clio hails from Spain and makes up our Spanish part of the European diversification of CYM. Her favourite move on the pitch is taking a quick Tap-and-Go penalty! Viva España!

Erin Moorhead

From: Northern Ireland

(It’s it’s own sovereign nation, don’t ye know)

Position: Flanker, Second Row

Fun Fact: Erin prefers to tackle with her head because her shoulders get sore…  It’s some mystery then as to how she broke her leg, as it's nowhere near either of these things. Helping Gumbo to keep up the British count; we’re too afraid to tell her CYM stands for Catholic Young Men.

Kathy Byrne

From: Dublin
Position: Prop
Fun Fact: Kathy is CY's resident rap artist. She performs a mean rendition of Gangster's Paradise. Once beat Handsome Joe Heavey in a rap battle.

Joanne Smith

From: Wexford

 Position: Hooker

Fun Fact: The baby of the team. Joanne loves to use matches as an excuse to try out the latest in facial tape trends. Rugby got in the way of Jo's studying for Uni - she's hitting the books now, and we hope to see her hitting the opposition soon in the future.

Aimee Crowe

From: Tipperary

 Current Position: Missing In Action

Fun Fact: After seeing a poster for CYM’s Give It a Try Night hung up in her local Super Valu, she decided to do just that! She made a big impression on the pitch, scoring two tries her first match at CYM! Aimee is currently rehabbing a broken ankle. We can't wait to have her back on the pitch next season!

Orla Young

From: Dublin

Current Position: CYM Sickbay Supports Club Vice President

Fun Fact: Orla decided to bring her boxing skills to CYM and give full contact a try. Unfortunately, a bad tackle resulted in a broken leg for our poor Orla. We hope to see her off the bench and back on the pitch next season!


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