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CYM J1s Women's Team


Jenny Miggin

Captain, CYM J1s: 2017 - 2018

From: Meath
Position: Front Row, Second Row
Fun Fact: Jenny has really left her mark since joining CYM. A purple mark to be precise - her hair on her fellow forwards shorts. Dedication to the CYM colours is top notch. Captain Spectacular as the J1's call her - Jenny always knows what to say to inspire the team to kick some serious behind.


Tara Hendley

 Vice Captain, CYM J1s: 2017 - 2018

From: Dublin
Position: Front Row, Second Row
Fun Fact: Tara is a mean, lean, tackling machine. Don't let her gentle energy fool you... she's lightning quick and hits like a hurricane. Tara took some time away from rugby to start a family (she has two beautiful kids!) and has now returned to CYM to help lead the J1s into battle.

Everyone knows there's no one tougher than a Mam!


Aude de Casanove

From: France

Position: Forwards, Wing

Fun Fact:  Our little french pocket rocket always has a smile on her face - even when we had to break the news to her that we were in fact chanting "Hold" not "Aude" in defence... Allez les bleus. Aude is the official unofficial photographer for the CYM ladies and men's teams and has a lens so big it would make National Geographic jealous.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-13 at 12.53.00 PM.jpeg

Kelsey Cunningham

From: Canada
Position: Center ... mostly.
Fun Fact: Kelsey has been transferred in all the way from Canadia. When she's not on the rugby pitch, Kelsey can be found either working on this very website or taste-testing Canadian beer in pubs across the capital, helping to ensure their 'Canadian Beer' is authentically Canadian.

Both are tough jobs, but somebody has to do it.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-13 at 12.53.00 PM.jpeg

Sinead Phillips

From: Clare
Position: Back Row
Fun Fact: We're not sure what's in the water down in Co. Clare, but Sinead 'The Derailer' Phillips came back after the Summer 2017 break with a new found sense of rucking rage. She barrels through the competition, destroys the opposition, and says a wee prayer for the poor soul shes tackling (with her eyes closed).



Mariya Hortashka

From: Bulgaria
Position: Lock
Fun Fact: Known for her trademark line-out throw, the hallowed 'Bulgaria Ball'. Mariya is CYM's very own 'Beast from the East'. Converting from a Center last season to a Forward this season has allowed for Mariya to do what she loves best - smashing people. Shes also the J1s Google Form Master. A role that has helped her track the drinking practices and foreignness of the  Division 4B squad.


Áine Vesey

From: Leitrim

Position: 10, Centre, Winger, Wunderback

Fun Fact: Hailing from lovely Leitrim, Áine's claims to fame are - playing Augustus Gloop in the parish play last year (pictured). She was given this role due to her "stomach of iron". Our Áine has the ability to eat ANYTHING regardless of its expiry date.


Natalia Meersohn

From: Chile

Position: Center, Wing, Scrum Half ... Any back position, really

Fun Fact: Nat joined CYM after seeing our Free CYM Summer Bootcamp on Groupon. Don't be fooled by that sweet smile - 'Man, I can't wait to tackle somebody!' is often the first thing she says on game day... with a full blown grin.


Ciara McClean

From: Sextons School of Scrums and Conversions

Position: 10, Center, Kicker-Extraordinaire

Fun Fact: There has been a buzz about Ciara since she arrived to CYM! When she's not showing off her best Jonathon Sexton impression, she likes to bumble about at home collecting honey from the bees that she keeps!

Sweet as honey with a tackle that leaves you stinging.


Eilis O'Reilly

From: Ranafast, Donegal

Position: 8... or Winger

Fun Fact: It's a CYM superstition that we must always have at least one Donegal player on our team, and Eilis fills this important role for the J1s! With a voice that carries all the way back to her parish, Eilis has mastered yelling at the squad ... in Irish ... 


Orlaith Mc Auliffe

From: Waterford

Position: Depends who you ask.. 6 or 7.. 8.. 12? Who knows.

Fun Fact: A nice, quiet, religious girl - she will only drink liquids purified by holy men. Her personal favorite is produced by the monks at Buckfast Abbey. Tired of teaching, Orlaith has decided to seek a career in live sports commentary for CYM. You may recognize her from her famous catchphrase: 'GO ON BLAAAA!!'


'Breakaway' Bláithín O’Shea

From: Limerick

Position: Second Row

Fun Fact: Bláithín was born with a remarkable superpower - undiscovered until one fate filled moment during a game versus Athy ... Blá was born with feet of fury - a need... for speed. 

She will go down for having made the greatest breakaway try in CYM J1 history: made famous by (15k views and counting!) and with fantastic commentary by Orlaith. See the magic here


Eileen O'Connor

From: Carlow

Position: Scrumhalf, Utility Back

Fun Fact: Eileen is know for her UFC finishing move: 'The Mount' Eileen had an illustrious career at CYM until one bad tackle broke her leg - She's since founded (the unfortunately ever growing) CYM Sickbay Supporters Club.

The bad news: We don't have a date for her return yet.

The good news: Every day her desire for revenge grows stronger.


Marie Doyle

From: Wexford

Position:  Fullback

Fun Fact: A tag rugby enthusiast, Marie decided to give contact a shot and has been right at home at CYM ever since. Her tackles are so savage, you would have never guessed her roots are in the gentle sport of tag! An incredibly versatile Back, Marie has made quite the impression on the club and on the poor players she leaves in her wake.


Sonja O'Connor

From: Dublin

Position:  Flanker, Second Row

Fun Fact: Barrister by day, bulldozer by night (...rather, Sunday afternoons on game day, mostly). Sonja is another one of our tag-rugby crossover players who decided to join the dark side. She's famous for running through entire packs of Rathdrummians and scoring not one but two tries in a match.


Emer O'Reilly

From: Cavan

Position:  Front Row, Second Row, Uber Forward

Fun Fact: It took one long year of nagging by our own 1sts player, Caoimhe, to convince Emer to come down and join CYM.

Emer's transitioned from a new kid on the pitch to a wunderforward in her short CY career. Her specialty is smiling at the opposition while simultaneously hulk-throwing people out of rucks. She will go down in CYM J1 history for unknowingly playing a full 80 minute match with two broken ribs. #Legend


Noreen 'Nory' Cassidy

From: Mayo (For Sam)

Position:  Winger

Fun Fact: Noreen hates her nickname, which is why we insist on using it whenever possible (we only do it because we love her).

Like all the other Mayo blow-ins on our squad, Noreen is fast, fearless, and absolutely fantastic craic. Her special move is ruining the aspirations of breakaway hopefuls by hitting them in ankles and dragging them into the abyss.


Áine Matthews

From: Longford

Position: Winger, Secretary of the CYM Sickbay Supporters Club

Fun Fact: Contact rugby came as naturally to Aine as injury comes to those who play it. A mild concussion (or two) and a fractured fibula may have set back Aine this season, but we know she'll be back on the pitch as soon as she sheds her crutches. 

Stay tuned for the greatest comeback tour ever seen...


Elaine Carton

From: Dublin

Position:  Front Row

Fun Fact: Elaine's version of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' has been shortlisted for Ireland's entry for Euro Vision 2018. From singing into mops in the kitchen, to holding the scrum against the opposition, Elaine's talents know no bounds. Having reached super stardom on the tag-rugby pitch, we knew her fast feet would fit right in at CYM.


Jo Williams

From: Sligo

Position:  Wing

Fun Fact: Jo leads a quiet life out of the public eye -  She shows up, she makes great tackles, she holds the width on the wing, and she goes home. No one sees her coming until it's too late, then, like a flash, she's gone.

Jo is a fantastic winger for our J1 side, her fantasy rugby skills, however, leave a lot to be desired.


Sarah Quinn

From: Longford

Position: Diverse Back 

Fun Fact: Jo and Sarah (with an 'h') look almost identical when decked out in CYM gear - which wreaks havoc on the heads of the opposition. Seeing double is our not-so-secret secret play!

Sarah is another tag rugby crossover/West coast blow in and we are delighted to have her pace and ferocity on the pitch with us! 


Jess Elms



Fun Fact: We're not sure if Special Agent Elms is real, or if she is just a shared dream by the entire J1s squad. We believe that one of our opponents got wind of her profound ability to sell entire booklets of IRFU raffle tickets and has kidnapped her.

Jess, if you're reading this, send us a sign you're there -

We have a task force waiting to secure your release.

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